Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Johnny Salami is now posting at CNN iReport:

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Johnny said...

Comedian Johnny Salami called into the Howard Stern show to talk to Artie Lange about this event and discussed some of his own personal experiences. Salami is very spontaneous and the crowd must be tough skinned. People like him and Artie DO NOT do this type of Blue comedy humor. Censoring their jokes to keep it safe not to offend the crowd! Its comedy people, you go out to laugh expect anything! These guys work hard to make people laugh, they don’t know what the hell you find funny and they really don’t care so all is fair game to some comedians. It’s just like TV- you don’t like it change the channel, if you don’t like the comic leave but enough with the censorship and the BS is Artie ok for Conan for a good time slot? I recently saw Artie’s buddy Johnny Salami at the New York Comedy Club and he killed the place, he’s rough but funny as hell. So if you don’t want lame jokes and you can handle Artie type humor Johnny Salami is also worth checking out since we are on this topic. Again most people would not have even heard of or for that matter seen this show if it wasn’t for Artie; smart move HBO.